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Oscar to Skittles

Human: Jill G.

I have seven dachshunds. They're my babies.

Oscar, Age 10 -- He's a friendly dog who loves people.

Buddy, Age 5 -- Buddy is a big skittish, doesn't like storms and fireworks, but a very well-behaved pooch who loves his human mommy.

Marley, Age 4 -- She's a bossy boots, but a lovely dog.

Jake, Age 3 -- A pup from Marley and Buddy. He's a little timid, but also loving, doesn't like storms and fireworks.

Dax, Age 3 -- We rescued Dax at 5 months old from a lady who found him on the road by her house. He's such a big boy now, so lovable, like a teddy bear.

Daisy Rose, Age 1 1/2 -- She was given to us recently by a friend who moved to Canada. She's such a sweetie pie and so gentle.

Skittles, Age 1 -- We adopted her from a lady on a farm who couldn't keep her any more. Skittles is a very frisky, friendly, lovable pup who always wants to play.

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