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Samantha Jane, Shadow & Sable Ann

Human: Cheryl C.

Samantha Jane -- I found Sam at a rescue 10 years ago. I didn’t bring her home when first I saw her, but after I left I realized I felt an empty spot in my car. I did a very illegal u-turn on the turnpike ... and back I went. She climbed in the car like she had always belonged there. Don’t ask how her middle name came about. I was mad at her one day for stealing my sandwich and it just came out.

Shadow -- Shad is my “Little Monster.” He literally bounces off the walls and I have the paw prints 5 feet up on my wall to prove it. I think his mother dropped him on his head at birth. He was supposed to be my daughter’s dog. But, as kids usually do, Mom ended up with all the duties. ... Shadow will sleep soundly until I get up and leave my room. Then he has to get up and follow me. He has to make sure where his human is at all times.

Sable Ann -- She’s a mutt. I rescued her from a high kill shelter in South Florida. She was going to be a foster at first, but I just couldn’t let her go. We bonded on the first day and now she goes everywhere with me.

So that is my pack. Each one so very different than the other. Each one with a different challenge ... but each one brings me joy, and a good feeling that I have saved three lives and given them each a good home filled with plenty of kibble and lots of love. They have all enriched my life and I will be forever grateful for their companionship.

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