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Human: Deborah G.

This is my sister’s dog Pearl. Pearl is about 12-14 years old and was a service dog for an elderly man who had passed away alone in his apartment with her. He was there for several days before neighbors called emergency services, worried because they hadn’t seen him and he didn’t answer the door. My sister was the paramedic who answered the call.

They found Pearl under the bed afraid to come out. She was taken by animal control and kept for 10 days in quarantine during which time she was available for adoption, but no one was interested. My sister went by on the last day to check on her, when she was told that Pearl was scheduled to be euthanized the following morning since she was so old and she was too fearful. Well, that didn’t sit well with my sister, the owner of eight rescue cats. She asked what she had to do to adopt Pearl. Animal Control sent her to the Humane Society who had to do a temperament check on Pearl, and then charged her $10; then she took her to her vet for a mandatory check up and they got her original vet records after explaining that the owner was deceased. My sister’s vet charged her another $20. Pearl was on her way home.

It’s been about four months and Pearl is a happy settled dog enjoying a life of luxury with eight cats, going for walks at 4:00am before my sister leaves for work and taking drives to the local Starbucks drive thru where they give her doggie treats.

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