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Sophie & Jasper

Human: Jody M. of Bark and Swagger

Sophie - She came from a farm in Oxfordshire, England and when I saw her picture before my husband brought her home, I immediately thought of our adorable English niece, Sophie. They’re both light haired and cute. Of course, I asked my sister-in-law for permission to name our dog after her daughter. She thought both Sophies were pretty adorable, so she gave us her blessing on the spot!

Jasper - Jasper was rescued from a high kill shelter in NYC. He was such a scared-looking little boy when we saw him in his cage and then spent time with him in the visitation room. When we knew we would take him home with us, my husband just looked at him and said, “Jasper.” It fit perfectly and made a ton of sense. When we looked up the name, in America, it means Jewel; as an English name, it means Master of the Treasure. And boy, is he both!

P.S. Check out Jody's blog for stylish dog parents, Bark and Swagger.

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