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Human: Christin B. of Andalusia Animal Shelter

Grace came into the shelter I manage. When she arrived she was covered in ant bites, had a severe bacterial skin infection as well as having sarcoptic mange. She was matted to the skin and was very distrusting of humans and tried to bite all the employees here. I knew we had to get her out of the kennel and back on the road to recovery.

She got her name from my husband once we brought her home to meet the family. My son had a football game we were getting ready for, and up to that day she was going by the name Grace. ... So as we were getting ready to head out my husband began a conversation with Grace, and said "It's to bad you can't go with us, Popcorn." She got so excited, ran up to him, jumped up on his leg, tail wagging, the whole 9. They've now been great friends for 3 years. She may have started off as fear biting, antihuman Shih-Tzu but now she is our pride and joy and our furbaby!

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