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Piwi Blue & Leon Wilson

Human: Cynthia P. of D'Precio Boutique

Piwi was my first pitbull. I didn't want to give him a large potentially threatening name like Hercules because I knew of the pitbull stereotype. He was 3 months old when I brought him home in March 2011 and he was very small and snuggly. After 3 days he still didn't have a name. We were sitting on the couch and I looked at him and said out loud "what am I going to call you, Peewee?" The name stuck. I changed the spelling to Piwi the next day after all my neighbors asked me if I named him after Peewee Herman. His middle name is Blue after his one blue eye.

Leon Wilson came from a shelter 4 months ago. His shelter name was Docson. He had a seizure at the shelter so everyone who saw him wanted him until they found that out. I didn't care. I loved him before I met him. His personality seemed to call for a man's name so I called him Leon after a very dear friend who passed away a few years ago. Wilson is my late friend's last name, but I also used it because his giant white head looks like a volleyball.

Piwi, Leon and their cats are on Facebook at mymondoo.

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