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Top 10 Mardi Gras-Themed Dog Names

One of America's greatest cities, New Orleans has a personality all its own -- which makes it a great source for interesting dog names. Whether you're from the area or just like to visit, there are tons of great monikers associated with the area and its legendary Mardi Gras festival. 


1. Gumbo -- We love food-related dog names, and Gumbo is pretty adorable. But there are so many to choose from: Beignet, Etoufee, Jumbalaya, Shrimp (for either a tiny dog or a really big one) or even Po Boy.


2. Cajun -- and/or Creole would be great for a pair of pups.


3. Nola -- Nola's short for New Orleans, Louisiana. Then you've got great neighborhood/place names like Tremé, the setting for a famed HBO series) and Pontchartrain (Ponch for short). 


4. Bayou -- How perfect would this be for a hound dog?


5. Zydeco -- The town's also famous for its music, so both Zydeco and Jazz would be excellent dog name choices. There's also Harry for favorite pianist-crooner son Harry Connick Jr. 


6. Krewe -- A  krewe (pronounced "crew") is an organization that puts on a parade during the carnival season, so it definitely goes on the dog name list. Then you've got Rex (king of the Mardi Gras), Bourbon Street (the site of many a Mardi Gras party), Doubloon (souvenir coin) and of course, Bon Temps or Roulez, as in "Laissez les bon temps roulez."


7. Saint -- The city's beloved NFL team, The Saints, won the Super Bowl in '09.  


8. Tulane --  The city's premiere private university is across the street from Audubon Park (Audie for short).


9. Voodoo -- Voodoo is a cool name for a Cajun dog, as are Gris-Gris, a talisman used in the practice, or the most famed of the religion's priestesses, and a character on American Horror Story: Coven, Marie Laveau.


10. Yat -- As in one of the locals' favorite sayings, "Where y'at?"


Got any more Mardi Gras dog names for us? 




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Dog Names Cajun and Creole
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