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Top Ten Patriotic / Military Dog Names


1Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Pilot -- These all make great monikers for your best friend, no matter what branch of the service you'd like to honor.


2. Tank -- Great for a really big, solidly built dog like a pit bull or Rottweiler, or to give a little dog like a French bulldog or even a Chihuahua a cool, tough name.


3. MacArthur, Patton -- Can't go wrong with these WWII heroes.


4. Howitzer -- A heavy piece of artillery that comes with the cute nickname "Howie."


5. Gatling -- This early rapid-fire spring loaded, hand cranked weapon is a forerunner of the modern machine gun, and was invented by Richard Gatling. It's best known for its use by Union Forces during the Civil War, the first time it was employed in combat.

















Major Cuteness

6. Major, General, Captain, Sergeant -- Give your dog a rank to live up to.  


7. Gunner -- Perfect for a sporting or hunting breed.

8. Scud -- A type of missile, this dog name is most associated with hunky Canadian reporter Arthur Kent, who became known as "The Scud Stud" for his reporting during the 1991 Persian Gulf War.


9. Liberty -- Though most of these are more suited to a male pup, Liberty is perfect for a patriotic girl dog.


10. Oorah -- The Marines' rallying cry. (See also: the Navy's Hooyah and the Army's Hooah.)


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