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Roxie & Ruger

Human: Karen S. of Florida Wiener Dog Derby

I owe everything I am now to one special girl in my life, Roxie. My husband and I had already fallen in love with dachshunds, but unexpectedly added another from the clearance shelf at a local pet store. I knew she was special and named her after my most precious deceased German Shepherd Roxanne. We decided to call her Roxie. She was sweet, sassy and very very very fast!

A few years later we entered her in a local dachshund race which she won hands down! A lady told us she was an amazing racer and we should enter more races. We did, she lost but we believed in her and on her third race ... she won Grand Champion. Since then, she has placed in every race (except 2) and 90% of the time is crowned the champion. We have six additional dachshunds of which five don't race, but compete in costume contests or race for fun in senior races.

Our latest rescue, Ruger, a deaf double dapple, has excelled in racing as well and is now Roxie's greatest competition. All of us together, we are Roxie Team Hotdog! It is because of Roxie that I have a passion for dachshund racing, fundraising and rescue. I now am the new owner/president of the Florida Wiener Dog Derby and my main derby benefits Getalong Dachshund Rescue.

Dachshunds Roxie & Ruger

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